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I’ve been inactive for a while now. My main blog at the moment is noted below, and concentrates on my change to a vegan diet (70% raw). So check it out, and follow if you want!

To update you all, I’m much happier now than I was a few months ago, and it’s mostly due to this lifestyle change. You reap what you sew, and you wear what you eat. At the moment I’m exercising regularly (but not excessively) and living on a diet of lots of fruit and vegetables. It’s done wonders for me! I’m healthier, more energised, happier and leaner. Not only that, but my performance has improved 200%, and my eyes are whiter and my skin is clearer. I’m eating as much as I care for (which has almost completely removed my food anxiety), and yet managed to lose 2” from my waist and hips and 1/2” from my forearms without even realising. 

So, to summarise, I’m doing well :)


Check out this tumblr for vegan awesomeness and shit.

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I’ve been working so hard this summer to get in shape and improve my body into something that I’ll be comfortable in. I’ve come a long way (or so I thought) and was feeling proud of myself, and what’s more I’ve been trying desperately hard to try and be patient with myself and approach this healthily.

So when you go to see your relatives and they look you up and down and say “You haven’t lost any weight at all” and then proceed to call you “plump” (in their own words)… it’s not exactly the best feeling in the world.

I am so, so proud of my best friend though. She has reached her goal for the summer healthily and steadily. Whilst of course I am jealous (her GW was the same as mine, although she is shorter than me and didn’t have as far to go), I am trying to concentrate on just being happy for her and taking pride in her achievement. I told somebody about her progress during a conversation regarding the holiday the two of us are taking together in a few days time, and this person goes and says “I hope she doesn’t see you as a fatty :/”. Well great, now I feel even worse… and I was *trying* not to compare the two of us!

I’m feeling really down at the moment, especially with these newest shin-kicks. We leave for Turkey on Wednesday so I really hope I can just put all of this out of my head in time for then and just enjoy myself. I really wanted to go on this holiday and not have to hide my body away or suck my stomach in, but it looks like that’s out of the window. i’ll just have to grit my teeth and accept that this is going to take flipping ages, especially if I don’t want to fall back into unhealthy habits :(